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We offer a three-phase service, a la carte, for owners who elect to sell a single family residence or condominium to a buyer with whom they have been informally discussing price/terms.

For those considering FSBO, and for those already on Craig's List or Zillow ..... the FSBO decision.

Phase 1 ..... OFFER & ACCEPTANCE

Phase 1 covers transaction activity from inception to opening of escrow ..... including providing a current tax record and MLS data, as requested; preparation (unless provided by buyer) and review of the purchase contract, counter offers, addenda; referral to a Title Insurance company for escrow services and title insurance coverage; review of its Preliminary Title Report; confirmation of buyers' initial deposit; review of buyers' preapproval; verification of buyers' funds to close; opening of an escrow.


Phase 2 covers transaction activity dealing with seller disclosures - both contractual and statutory - and buyer inspections; compliance with point-of-sale ordinances; verification of buyers' supplemental deposit; removal of the inspections contingency.

Phase 3 ..... FINANCING & ESCROW

Phase 3 covers transaction activity from the opening of escrow, running parallel to Phase 3, to closing of escrow ..... including coordination with buyer's mortgage lender or broker; coordinating the appraisal; removal of the financing and appraisal contingencies; ordering payoff demands; coordinating with escrow for estimated closing statements and signing of documents by sellers and by buyers; coordinating transfer of title, possession, utilities.

On a case-by-case basis we will consider the sale of a TIC interest when the property owner has a specific buyer on hand.

On a case-by-case basic we will consider representation outside of San Francisco and Marin Counties.

Complimentary consultations are available by conference call and email.

All information on this site is deemed accurate but should be independently verified. In addition, some information is date sensitive.

For specific questions and inquiries on a pending transaction contact the Lawyer Referral Service of the County Bar Association in which the property is located.

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